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I began practicing Karate-Do Shotokan in 1971 and Tai Chi Chuan (Yang style) in 1984.

The Martial Art is much more than just a fighting Art. It is an Art of living, a central point from which the results of dedication and perseverance shine.

Beyond physical development, the Master’s training became a search, a path, a Way, the one that leads to self-discovery.

**This Way stretches straight ahead. At first your steps are deep, but as you continue, they become lighter as you let go of all that is unnecessary to keep only what is real.

A Zen Master told me, "Practice until your ego feels unwanted."

In February 1989, the School of Karate-do Shotokan and Tai Chi Chuan Yang style opened its doors. In this modest Dojo, sweat and smiles create a friendly and hard working environment.

I think that all has been said in these few lines. All that remains is the practice to light the Way.

My heartfelt thanks to...

Yvon Plante, Valleyfield Karate Shotokan instructor, for his intensity

Michel Tremblay, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu Karate Shotokan and Tai Chi Chuan instructor, for his willingness to share

Albert Low, Zen Master at the Montreal Zen Center, for the Light

Robert, world citizen, for his wisdom

And to all my students for keeping me "awake".

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