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Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style

Tai Chi Chuan is a very efficient Martial Art concealed within a soft and graceful gesture. It’s also a deep meditation that slowly brings the practitioner to discover the very uniqueness of the moment, the here and now.

Classes include:

  • Traditional Yang style form (“solo” long form)
  • Qi-Gong exercises and meditative postures
  • Push-hand exercises
  • For the advanced students, applications with partners

"When the heart is calm and the breathing silenced, the body will know peace. It is a wonderful state which cannot be described with words."

Sifu Yang Chen Fu (1883-1936)


Monday & Wednesday

10 h 30 am : 11 h 30 am

Tuesday & Thursday

6 h 30 pm : 7 h 30 pm


9 h 30 am : 10 h 45 am

* The Dojo is open all year except for two weeks in August and two weeks during the Holidays.

Beginners’ session start every September. Contact us for the exact date.

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