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In 1957, the first official Karate-Do competitions were held. Subsequently, its practice veered in a new direction, more or less borrowed from Judo. A trophy was now the goal to reach. Yet, interesting or gratifying an experience this may be, of what use is a trophy once the goal has been met?

Mainly practiced today as a meditative and energizing form of exercise, Tai Chi Chuan is much more than that. It’s a highly advanced Martial Art.

Its practice is often limited to the "solo" form, separated from the push-hand exercises and applications with a partner. But what are we without others?

Any Martial Arts practice has many levels. It is the teacher’s role to determine which are necessary and for students and future students to find out if it meets their needs.

We offer a traditional practice of Karate-Do Shotokan and Tai Chi Chuan style Yang that tries to follow the teachings and philosophy of the ancient masters: encouraging practitioners to strive for the essential.

Our school is located in the greater Montreal area, Lasalle borough.

Bernard Gagné
Instructor and technical director

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